Welcome to The Windmill Bar, part of Neptune’s Lookout, is a unique destination on St. John. It’s situated at a former sugar plantation, Estate Susannaberg, bought in the 1940s by Mr. Neptune Richards. His descendants now own it, including the historic Susannaberg windmill from the 1780s. The bar offers a stunning view for watching sunsets, sailing boats, and night skies. The Windmill Bar hosts various events and weddings. It’s celebrated for its relaxed ambiance, great music, and delicious food. It is an experience not to be missed! 

Arriving in St. Thomas

From Cyril E. King Airport (STT)

Pro Tip: BRING CASH! Most places take credit cards but some do not. You will need cash for taxis and ferry trips.

Your adventure begins at St. Thomas’s main airport. Here, a taxi ride to Red Hook, the ferry gateway to St. John, awaits. The ride is about 30 minutes and costs roughly $20-25. These taxis are usually shared vans, and drivers may make a few stops on the way to the Red Hook Ferry. Please note we drive on the left side of the road.

Safari Buses vs. Taxis on St. Thomas

If you’re staying on St. Thomas, make sure to take note of the difference between taxis and safaris. Generally safari buses on St. Thomas are hop-on/hop-off, follow a set route during the day only, and only cost a few dollars. St. Thomas taxis are more flexible, tend to be large vans and can be available at night.

From Yacht Haven Grande or Crown Bay

If you’re arriving to St. Thomas by sea or a cruise ship, the taxi trips from Yacht Haven Grande or Crown Bay to Red Hook are slighty shorter and cheaper, about $10-20 for a 20-minute ride. Enjoy the island’s vistas as you make your way.

Ferry from St. Thomas to St. John

Red Hook to Cruz Bay Ferry: Ferries run hourly from 6 AM to 11 PM. The crossing takes about 15-20 minutes and costs approximately $12-15 for a round trip. You can view the ferry schedule here!

The Last Leg to The Windmill Bar

Cruz Bay to Windmill Bar

Upon reaching Cruz Bay, find a taxi right outside the ferry terminal to take you on a 15-minute ride to the Windmill Bar. Taxis are generally available at the ferry dock until 6-7 PM daily, making it convenient to reach your destination.

St. John Taxis

St. John taxis are open-air modified pickup trucks like the safari buses on St. Thomas. Donkeys, goats, chickens, and cows roam freely – so keep your eyes peeled! 

Reminder: If you’re staying on St. Thomas, be sure to get back to the Cruz Bay ferry on St. John in time as the ferries stop running around 11pm. If you’re leaving to catch a flight or headed back to your cruise ship, be sure to allow plenty of time for any unforeseen delays!